Two little Boston Terrier girls bring their Momo & Mr.Momo to Paris for a long stay. These are the tales of their very fine adventures.


Our Kitchen is Certainly Efficient - But Not Much Fun

This is a picture of our apt. kitchen. To the right is a cooktop - or it looks like one. We haven't cooked anything on it because then there would be no place to keep our coffee. The coffee pot is normal as long as you don't put the grounds where the water should go (hello?). The right side cupboard is the refrigerator. Not fun when your back is sore. And the left side has one drawer with some silverware, and a tiny itty bitty dishwasher which does not hold a dinner plate, so therefore, we can never eat dinner here (kidding). The microwave gets the most use but it has a bit of a power issue, so things take a long time to heat up. It is kind of pretty though. But my most favorite part is the little thingy on the wall above the cooktop. It is a timer. There is no clock in here, no mirror downstairs, not even three forks, but there is a timer. Just in case you want a one minute egg or to bake a cake - oh wait - in what? no oven.

Oh wait. There is a clock. It is on the microwave. It took a week for us to realize that it was telling time in that weird way - you know, 1300 hours, 1400 hours. Still won't help me bake a cake. But there you have it. A tiny apt kitchen space. BTW, the bathroom upstairs? 5x the size of the kitchen. We will discuss that another day! L&P rate the kitchen as a 10. They can see their bag of food at all times. To them, that means hope smells pretty good.


Amy Cobb said...

that totally is completely french... hahahah... it's Amy Cobb from WOOF by the way... i love your blog... oh and YES thank you for talking about the portions... THEY ARE HUGE... no one seems to want to mention that French people are naturally thin... and alot still smoke like chimneys... but eh... what do we know!

bkb123 said...

hey guys! it's bren from WOOF! (chopper's mom) looks like you are all having a great time. I am enjoying your blog. :)

about the kitchen. i have been watching a good bit of BBC America lately and i noticed that every UK kitchen is pretty small with a teeny fridge. i am wondering if it is a european thing? lol

I look forward to more of your adventures in Paris. :)

take care and enjoy the rest of your stay! :)

Lulu and Phoebe said...

Ah shucks. Thanks you guys. I know who you both are! So nice of you to check in. Yep, European kitchens are tiny. Most people shop everyday for stuff. And yep, 12 out of 10 people still smoke. If they did not clean the streets every night, there would be a mountain of cigarette butts everywhere! And yes, I do not know why, but I have counted 5 chubby people in Paris since we got here (and I am one of them!). The portions are gigantic. Thanks for staying tuned!