Two little Boston Terrier girls bring their Momo & Mr.Momo to Paris for a long stay. These are the tales of their very fine adventures.


L&P Take a Drive Through Paris

L&P took Momo and Dad for a drive this morning in rush hour to get the tire repaired on the leased auto. They let Dad drive. It seems he drives way better in Paris than he does in San Francisco. His excuse: Paris makes sense. Huh???? L&P spent the time attached to seat belts in the rear seat but they could still stand up and look out the windows. They had many opportunities to let the large number of motor scooters know just what they thought of how they drive. Woof. If you have a scooter you may drive anywhere apparently- on the sidewalk, in the street, zigging between cars and my favorite: folding back someone's side-view mirror so the scooter can fit between the cars that are standing still, stuck in the traffic. It was a fun ride on the road next to the Seine and past the Eiffel Tower base (which looms large as do all these big things here). L&P spent most the ride alternately trying to one up each other woofing at passing scooters, or growling at bicycles that thought they were eco-scooters (wizard of oz anyone?)

Turns out, though Dad had an appointment at the Peugeot place, the repair was not necessary so we were there for five minutes. Sadly, we had hoped to take the above ground M back home, but now we would have to drive once again. L&P did not mind at all. As I write this, L&P are snoozing next to me and P is obviously dreaming of her encounter with les scooters because she is doing little dream woofs.

The parking garage is near our apartment, but it is underground of course. The entrance is actually a straight-line chute that sends you down 4-6 stories underground. It looks like a matchbox car chute and feels like one too. P gets so excited when we do this, the minute we are out of the car she commemorates the ride with a poop. That's a puppy for you. L then gives her the peevish stink eye for bad manners(one waits to poop until they are on the street). I can just imagine what that poop bag smells like at the end of a long hot day 6 stories under. But hey, mixed with piss odor in the stair well, doesn't matter. Did I mention the elevator is often not working?

So what does one do after an invigorating outing such as this? Why, trot over to Galeries Lafayette and have a nice cafe creme or cafe express. L&P rate the early morning drive through Paris as a 10 because frankly, they have driven with Dad in San Francisco.


Corinne said...

Well, I am glad that Dad can drive somewhere! Zachary and Zander thought it was really funn that you guys would be riding on a scooter, I had to explain that the scooters were next to you. :)

Anonymous said...

Lisa, Sounds like everyone is having a super time in Paris especially L&P. I love your blog and check it often. Have fun, enjoy this trip of a lifetime.
Chris & Angel

doro said...

Momo, this is exactly what I needed at the end of a long day. What a great laugh - and I secretly love the potty humor.