Two little Boston Terrier girls bring their Momo & Mr.Momo to Paris for a long stay. These are the tales of their very fine adventures.


And Onto the City Hike

L&P were used to Metros so when we started walking, as soon as we came to a Metro Station, one or the other of them dove for the stairs thinking that this should be the one. Ha. That went on the entire distance and that made for a long long walk. L, of course, would stink eye her Momo and Dad often as we moved them past the Metro Stations. Like she knew what was in store. We began after lunch at Victor Hugo and made our way toward the Seine. We strolled though many lovely neighborhoods full of children and families and dog poop. I had been waiting to find dog poop, and well, there it was. P was in heaven. A very short leash for her. L was peevish as usual when she encounters bad manners. There were some great views. We would turn a corner and suddenly there would be the Eiffel standing tall. We passed many parks, narrow streets piled with bumper to bumper parked cars - which always makes me wonder how they get out of parking spaces - levitate? Or really strong bumpers? P needed a carry now and then because she would actually just stop. Momo wanted to stop many times. It was warm, it was humid, and it was apparent that Dad was only reckoning by French map standards, which translates to "somewhere that way". His French is also improving and soon I expect he will only talk to me in French. Mon dieu. Sure enough, he was correct and we soon found ourselves down by the Eiffel Tower and the Seine. We stopped for cafe at our favorite brassierie in that neighborhood and a snack. The puppies took the opportunity to nap in our laps. Staring at the monument, drinking cafe creme and express (that would be coffee with milk and an espresso) a gentleman from somewhere, not France, not US, came up to us with his camera - pointed to L&P and showed us his digital screen featuring none other than the L&P at Place Vendome a few days earlier. He was one of the photographers who took pictures of the girls when we set them up (see the earlier blog). Yikes. What a small world after all. He was so excited to see them again, and like any good tired BT, they opened one eye and gave him the stink eye-you be bothering my nap-stare. Taking the hint, he said good bye (or so we think) and then was off. Yes, L&P are pretty darn cute, but why do people take pictures of them? You'd think they had never seen a dog before? L&P rate the walk to the Brasserie by the Eiffel as a 7. They got a nice nap and a good snack and a good potty break.

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