Two little Boston Terrier girls bring their Momo & Mr.Momo to Paris for a long stay. These are the tales of their very fine adventures.


Nary a Puppy Supply Shop with Fun Stuff

L&P walked their mighty little legs off yesterday. We began on the Metro in search of two dog shops that Momo cleverly found on the French Yellow Pages. If only she could read French, her enthusiasm might wane once she translated the text. The first shop, a two Metro ride away, was a dog Salon! Sigh. Next, another Metro ride from there, we located the second one which had a website and picture showing lots of clothes and things. Oh oh. Another "guideline" taken with a wide angle lens apparently because they shop was as small as my apt. kitchen. And yes, they had some clothes, but the kind you might find at Petsmart and for 18x the price. Toys? Non. Just a few things that should have been 1E but were many Euros more. Sigh. We needed toenail clippers for the L because they grow like weeds and I was so sure that there would be many Pet supply shops that I did not pack them. Oops. Good thing she is walking a bunch - nothing like concrete for a little filing. So after that disappointing experience we began our day hoping to make it more fun than how we started. And it was. L&P thought the pet store stuff was a big fat zero. But enjoyed the rest of the day as you will see.

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