Two little Boston Terrier girls bring their Momo & Mr.Momo to Paris for a long stay. These are the tales of their very fine adventures.


Oh Internet Oh Internet - Where for art thou.......

Not here. Apparently in France the Internet is like a guideline. Or a good thought. It might be here or it might not. And when they get around to restoring it is anyone's guess. This past round was almost two days. Momo sure was feeling it. Even the wireless French Telecom was not feeling very connected either. So alas, if the blog is not updated it is not because I have forgotten you dear readers (umm, I hope there are readers!). I will post each day that the internet is alive and kicking.

Dear Google - please wire Paris! Thanks. Momo.

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Judith Stander said...

I actually left what I thought was a cute & creative comment but when I went to send it I had to stop to create a google identity and lost the whole damn (sorry) thing. Oh well. Now I can start over. I'm loving your day to day about Paris. Wish your adults would stop being so camera shy and step in front of the lens once in awhile. Don't they know that old people like pictures of people who are relatives? Especialy when they are in new places. Wait. Did I say that dreaded word? I meant people who are older than your parents. That could mean anything, right? Especially to a woman who only admits to being 50-something and does it with a smile and a lot of hair coloring. So please tell them to have a french anything (well almost anything) for me. More later. Love, Bubbe
BTW-What I said in my first message was about asking everyone how to post to a blog and no one seemed to know. So I struck out on my own...checked closely and then clicked right where it told me to. Fancy that! A computer direction that was easy to understand and follow! Bye.