Two little Boston Terrier girls bring their Momo & Mr.Momo to Paris for a long stay. These are the tales of their very fine adventures.


Dinner at Le Louvre

Here is a bigger picture of Le Louvre and the Pyramid (mon dieu) and on the left (the porch?) is where we ate. Dinner at Le Louvre was better than our dinner at Hediards which is much like Fauchon, a gourmet food shop. Dinner at Hediards was forgettable since it was two days ago and I don’t remember what I ate. I do know that the “French portions are smaller” rule is a myth. Not anywhere have we found that to be true. We are served enough food most times to serve a family of four. And just try to take the food to go. First your waiter gets a bit nervous and fidgets and asks: “To go?- how do you mean, to go?”. Then the kitchen gets a little nervous because they do not know how to pack it all up. The only time it worked is when we insisted and it was smooshed in tin foil and popped into a kitchen person's leftover department store shopping bag.

Anyway dinner at the Le Louvre was quite peachy. We each order an entrĂ©e because we are very hungry. The menu is entirely in French and we need little help, which means that our French is improving in the food area. Of course it is- ask me anything about food. Again, the entrees were gigantic. I had tomato/mozzarella and the Dad had green beans with mushrooms. His plate of green beans was the family sized portion but L&P were not joining us. I had, count them, two giant tomatoes (left whole) and three enourmous slices of mozza. And two basil leaves. That was strange. But dinner itself was much better. I ordered lamb, and I have never had lamb that tasted this good. The meats are very good here. And the serving was tiny which was nice. That is, until they plopped the plate of green beans down. Again, where’s the family when you need them? We did not stay for desert because again, 12 out of 10 people were lighting up and it was late. People were pouring out of the museum now because it was closing and they were looking for dinner and a smoke. Soon, our dining row was filling up and it was a good time to leave unless we wanted dinner companions. Too late to share the green beans though. But not too late to find a Metro.

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