Two little Boston Terrier girls bring their Momo & Mr.Momo to Paris for a long stay. These are the tales of their very fine adventures.


From the EIffel to the Opera we Hike

As we started out on the Seine hike, Dad thought we should commemorate the moment with a photo of the L&P and the Seine with the Eiffel. For a treat, L&P would dance on the head of a pin. It is a very pretty walk, but again, laden with lots of tourists who apparently come from places where they do not have dogs. L&P patiently posed for several photos. If we charged for these photos these two could pay for our trip already. Or go to Harvard. At this magnificent bridge, Pont Alexandre III, with stone lions and all kinds of cool things with Seine and the Musee de la something in the background, a photographer was taking pictures of a wedding party, and other folks were doing the same - until they spotted L&P. Then the cameras turned and they were dazzled with flashbulbs and clicking shutters. Do you think there are few dogs in Europe? The bride looked a little peevish so we hurried away. We came to Place de la Concorde where the beginning of the tuileries are (the big giant garden). We walked through the giant gates and didn't get far before we were tossed out. Apparently the sign (which is not at the entrance, but on the side of the garden a block from the entrance) has a picture of a dog with a leash in its mouth. Umm - no dogs off leash? No dogs with a leash? No dog walking itself? I guess it means no dogs unless it's Toto in a basket. So we walked around the garden to Place Vendome, stopped for more treats and made it back to Rue Joubert, tired, dusty and hot, but happy. L&P rated the walk a 5 because we did not let them partake of the sidewalk buffet, neither the poop delights or the chewing gum nor the leftover bread. They did however, rate the brasserie stop at Place Vendome a big old 8 because they were able to snack, drink and nap all in the comfort of our laps. The Americans next to us were aghast that we let P rest her head on the table to nap while the waiter brought them some water and made sure to put our coffee away from her reach. I love the French.


bkb123 said...

So many pics taken by strangers? L&P are celebs (like Paris & Nicole? ;) Who wouldn't want to snap a pic of them? I know I wouldn't pass up the chance if I ran into them! their "ratings" system. If I ever get to Paris, I'll keep them in mind. :)

Still enjoying your fun blogs.

Take care. :)

Anonymous said...

Your bostons are the cutest!! I love every picture! Also, I just keep wondering how you got them on the subway and in the restaurants and all that!

~angellove839 fellow Woofboarder