Two little Boston Terrier girls bring their Momo & Mr.Momo to Paris for a long stay. These are the tales of their very fine adventures.


L&P Send Momo and Dad to Le Louvre

As we started out I figured that Dad knew where we were catching the M. Turns out we were not catching any M. We were walking. Did I say that my feet or more specifically my ankles were not happy? Ah, I thought I had. Out loud. Several times. Apparently not. So finally I asked which M we were catching and half way there Dad looks surprised and says that he thought I wanted to walk. Huh? Oh, sure. Momo. Wants to walk. Since we were already at Madeleine and almost to Place Vendome and across from the Tullieries and the long walk through it to the Le Louvre, I just sucked it up. And btw, how do 12 out of 10 people smoke? All the way there. No wait, 14 out of 10. Some were lighting up the next one(s) while the first one was still puffing vile smoke. And here we are, finally in the gardens. Big trees, paths, and wait. What’s that smell? Oh, flowers? Nooo. Trees? Noooo. Ah. Zoo. The garden path on the way to the Le Louvre smells like a zoo. But that’s crazy, because there is no zoo around there. So why, I ask? Ah, says dear old Dad. Yes, that’s the smell. So familiar. So lovely as it is and as much as my feet parts hurt, we hustle along to the Le Louvre which looks like it is right there. It looms large. And looms. And looms some more. Just how far away is that thing?! It looks like you should be there any second, but I swear the thing moves farther away each step you take toward it. And good thing we hustled. A very very small man in a suit was reeling in the large gate from the garden to the plaza in front of Le Louvre and if we had strolled slower we might have missed getting in that entrance.

So up the few steps to the plaza and there it is, still looming, but closer this time. And it is breathtaking, the giant U shaped beauty. You must start from one end and work your way to the other to take it all in. And wait. What the hell? Is that? A friggin glass pyramid? Yes, I knew about it, but I didn’t expect it to be so well, there. It actually stops your sweep as you gaze at the beautiful stone work, carvings and all that make up the Le Louvre. It stops you cold. Frowning I wanted to make it go away. But alas, it is stuck there. What a really stupid idea. It reminds me of a shopping mall. Oh. There is a shopping mall under it. Knew it. This is a picture of Le Louvre. It cannot do it justice, but here it is nonetheless.

It is 8:30PM and time for the French dinner hour. Fortunately for us, there is a restaurant called Marly’s CafĂ© sitting on the porch of one side of Le Louvre. Can you call something like that a porch? We were having dinner at Le Louvre. The view of Le Louvre was breathtaking. The stonework is art. The pyramid, an oversight. We promise to bring L&P to the plaza and take a picture of them at the Louvre. They will appreciate the fountain and all the stuff on the sidewalk buffet.

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Corinne said...

Hey Momo and Dad, Zachary and Zander say "Hi!" they miss you! Nice pic, too bad about the smell.