Two little Boston Terrier girls bring their Momo & Mr.Momo to Paris for a long stay. These are the tales of their very fine adventures.


L&P Walk to Place Vendome

L&P celebrate another French holiday by taking Momo and Dad for a very long hike to Place Vendome which is where the Ritz and other boring shops are located. Here is a photo of L&P in front of the Ritz looking out across Place Vendome. They are searching for the breakfast place everyone talks about and calls the fabulous breakfast place. Apparently it hasn’t a name because we did not find anything that said breakfast. That made L&P unhappy. Of course as soon as Momo and Dad began with the photos so did a crowd as well. Bored to tears L&P could not figure out why all those people were snapping photos of them at Place Vendome. One woman, pictured here (and not Momo, lol) popped herself into the picture as though L&P were celebs on a stroll. Momo told her to scram just like any good handler would. In many languages, scram, means the same thing when said the way Momo said it. Vendome is reported to have many fine chocolatiers. We found only Godiva so we must have looked in the wrong place. L&P, having never experienced chocolate did not care, but Momo and Dad did. Did we mention is was raining? Did we mention that Momo and Dad left their raincoats in California? But L&P had theirs! Only they were stuck in Dad’s backpack and he said we all had to rough it. Geez. By the time we got home we were full of mud. Thanks Dad. L&P rate place Vendome an 8 because cute girls were swarming all over them.

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