Two little Boston Terrier girls bring their Momo & Mr.Momo to Paris for a long stay. These are the tales of their very fine adventures.


Meet Baby Fabio - on Holiday

Momo and Dad took a walk before the thunder storms on Saturday to find lunch. L&P wished to nap at home because it was wet outside - everyone knows BTs are sensitive when it comes to getting their toes wet on purpose. Momo and Dad ended up tired and hungry at Laduree again. Though there were surges of stand-about tourists waiting for pastry, Momo and Dad quickly got a table in the tearoom. And so apparently did Baby Fabio, complete with Mrs. Robinson from Italy, both seemingly on holiday. Momo took a picture, pretending to take snapshot of Dad across the table but at the last second moved the camera to take a snap of Baby-Fabio-in-training. Mostly Fabio just sat and pouted. The pout is captured in le photo. Pouting and sipping his drink lasted an hour. His arrival stopped conversation and all heads turned when they first entered the tearoom, which in Paris, is quite unusual. Mostly it was the outfit, but the rest of him, if only you could see the pants, would have stopped traffic anywhere. Momo was most amused, because after all, this was Laduree, the tearoom where white gloves are never out of season. When Momo got back and told L&P about Baby Fabio, they demanded to see the photo. They suggested Momo rate lunch at Laduree, just for entertainment value, a very hearty 9.

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