Two little Boston Terrier girls bring their Momo & Mr.Momo to Paris for a long stay. These are the tales of their very fine adventures.


First Flight on Jetblue to Dulles

Here we are under the seat on Jetblue which is a very nice airline. Everyone is very friendly. And guess what? You know how they get all that great legroom? They shorten the seats to bench width pretty much. Momo’s rear kept slipping off. Perhaps if she hadn’t had her morning bagel for the past million years it would have fit better….. But we fit under the seat even with squishing our Sturdibags. Aside from the rather rocket like take off, we slept our way to the east coast. After all, no one bothered to feed L&P any
breakfast (and what was up with that?) and we did get up very early.


Cheryl B. said...

I'm looking to fly with my Boston Terrier (also named Lulu) in a few months. I'm curious as to what size Sturdibag you got. My Lulu will be just over 1 year and weighing about 15 lbs. They seem like nice bags -- were they easy to fly with?

Lulu and Phoebe said...

Great name Lulu! Perfect size for a sturdibag size large. lots of room. x-large often won't fit under the seat very well, but large will. the top squishes without collapsing the sides and most dogs just go to sleep anyway. I would get the bag right away and work with her to hang out in it - we used lots of treats. While we are here they sleep in the bags for most of the night as well and they are holding up very very well. If you aren't familiar with go there (it is a board for BTs) and register and then look up sturdibag threads. You will find that many have purchased them and are very happy! Good luck - let us know if you get one and like it! BTW, where are you going? L&P

Cheryl said...

Thanks for all the info and letting us know about woofboard! We live in Austin, TX and will be flying to California to visit my folks.