Two little Boston Terrier girls bring their Momo & Mr.Momo to Paris for a long stay. These are the tales of their very fine adventures.


And How We Got There in Style!

Here we are in our stroller condo using Sturdibags and Graco’s new car seat stroller minus the car seat. Fits our Sturdibags pretty well and L&P did not have to listen to Momo and Dad whine about carrying us through the monster airports.


Eric said...

What size of Sturdibag is this? I am wanting to travel with my 16-pound cockapoo in July and need a carrier for him. Midwest Airlines says it can be 18"Lx11"H. Do you have thoughts? How did this bag work out for you? Our dog has longer legs like your Boston Terrier. Thanks!

Lulu and Phoebe said...

It is a large. I know it can hold up to a 20 pound BT, but that is a cozy cozy fit. A 16 pound dog will still have lots of room. I can't recall the length but it is 12 inches tall, and it squishes fine for even the worst airline seats without collapsing on the dog - it holds its shape. I love the bag - the dogs love their bags. You have to take time to train them to be comfy in the bag, and the sturdibag folks can give you some ideas for that. Start now if you want to travel in July. Good luck and happy traveling!

Anonymous said...

I have mini schnauzers that use the large sturdi bags. They are awesome (the dogs and the bags)! After seeing this picture, I bought the Graco stroller, as we travel often. Did you just put one bag on top of the other? Did you try to secure it in any way? Any comments would be appreciated. Thanks. - April

Lulu and Phoebe said...

Hi April - Can't live without our Graco, although the airline did mangle it going to Paris. I had to order another basket insert, so if I was starting all over again, I would order one and have it on hand because as we are traveling home, the mangled basket fabric almost completely useless!

However, when we stack them we put the chunkier pup on the bottom - one in the bottom facing forward with all the mesh windows uncovered (the long way) and then the other goes cross wise on top of that one resting on the stroller frame. Then I take that shoulder strap and pull it over the handle and I hang on to it as I stroll. Then both are pretty secure and both are flat. L &P don't like being tipped. The photo in the blog is not the way we put the top bag for walking (it was just for the photo-op) The bottom bag is correct, but turn the top bag so is rests on the stroller bars and secure it with shoulder strap. We have been on escalators and moving belts that go uphill and down without incident that way. But you do have to hang on.

Also, an FYI - most planes now have the video boxes under the seats so the bags fit the long way under with the zipper opening facing you. We pull them out more after we are airborne and open the top and let them sit up if they want. Ours just sit there and then plop down and curl up and go to sleep. But that way they can see us. Hope that helps. Happy travels.