Two little Boston Terrier girls bring their Momo & Mr.Momo to Paris for a long stay. These are the tales of their very fine adventures.


And More from Rue Joubert

This is the view out of our window. It is one corner at the head (or feet?) of Rue Joubert. The street is blocked to through traffic so it is very quiet. And around the corner are many stores of which L&P may not shop because they will spend too much. As will Momo. There are so many Metro stations around us. Almost directly under us is the RER. In Paris there is a huge underground maze of people movers in the form of trains. Just walking through Metro stations is a workout. Who needs a gym here? It is Sunday, and that means, unlike at home, everything is buttoned up tight. Very few stores are open anywhere and very few Brasseries. We were caught by surprise on your first day here which was last Sunday. Sad to say, our first meal in France was very bad pizza. We are making up for it though in pastry by the pound. And now that we know better, we loaded up on goodies for Sunday and have yet to get through the provisions and it is 8PM already. Anyone want a raspberry tart or an extra hunk of great cheese?


sara said...

To my dearest L&P in gay Paris...enjoy your pastries and cheese, but please don't forget about your Irish relatives here in the States while you are gone. It is Sunday here, too and Mum's Day. I coughed up a fur ball for mum on the livingroom rug. Dah had to wash it outside in the driveway. They're off to the symphony and some dinner this evening. I will be cracking a Guiness and having another nap. Glad you're settling in. Careful on those spiral stairs. Felines manage things like that with ease. Stay on your toes, is my best advice. And if you should take a tumble, milk it for all it's worth. Whine and let yourself be pampered. Maybe your momo will take your shopping.

sara said...

The above message from: Jiggy Feany of Churchill Lane, Fayetteville, NY USA

la banana said...

o la la, momo!

hey girls, you better be good to my mamma! it's your turn to bring her pastries and cake, so be nice and let her sleep in, and put some flowers on that tray! I know you're better kids than me and my sister were-- I'm sure you won't be making any lopsided cakes or anything-- but just because they don't have mother's day in france doesn't mean you can run around all spoiled, now...

lots of love,

yer oldest sister.


Lulu and Phoebe said...

greetings dear sister and daughter. Glad to hear from and glad you are enjoying the adventures of L&P. Miss you guys.