Two little Boston Terrier girls bring their Momo & Mr.Momo to Paris for a long stay. These are the tales of their very fine adventures.


From the Roof of Printemps Before the Storms

For almost three weeks now, Momo has found her way delicately through Printemps and Galeries Lafayette because it is simply very easy to enter these places and never be seen again. They are large, laid out without a hint of logic, and take up city blocks in multiple buildings with underground passages. So Momo had never been to the rooftop at Printemps until she and Dad wandered up together (of course bringing a compass and a map just in case). Turns out to be one of the coolest places to hang out within footsteps of our apartment . It has a little cafeteria inside and outside a tiny little bar with tiny little plastic tables. But all around the edge are benches facing a fantastic view of Paris. And of course, the rooftop discovery occurred in between rain and T-S which were unlike Momo and Dad had seen in many years - since Vermont. This is one photo of Le Madeleine and the Rue which we walk regularly to get to the square. Everything in Paris is close enough to walk to - seriously - even the Eiffel though it lurks far away. As long as you stop at cafes along the way for refreshments, it is easy to walk the day away. Even L&P agree as long as they get lots of treats and bottled Vittel eau. Dad is working on a panoramic photo from the rooftop stitching it together. C'est tres bien. We will return there often.


Judith Stander said...

I am seriously frustrated. Tried sending a message 3x yesterday. Nogo. Tried again today. So far 3x nogo. Hopefully I've done it correctly this time. Thought I was so smart! Loved the matchbox chute image! Didn't know Tim had driving issues. Love the regular chapters. I try to save them up for 2-3 days so I have more to read at one time. Wish I could be with you. Checked on tickets. Sticker Shock! How about Momo gets in front of the camera lens instead? Huh? Pretty Please! Love, Judy

elisheva said...

hi aunt lisa!

mommy and daddy took me to eat at la madeleine here in houston today. i tried spinach quiche and a croissant. yum, yum. also i had bread with jam (my favorite)! mommy said it made her think of you and uncle tim.

i like your doggies.