Two little Boston Terrier girls bring their Momo & Mr.Momo to Paris for a long stay. These are the tales of their very fine adventures.


Why oh Why Did you do it Miss P?

Little P has grown so much during our time here, that her front and back ends are so uncoordinated. One end moves independently from the other. She careens down the sidewalk with the gusto of a drunken idiot looking for gold. Today, we went for a walk to Galeries Lafayette, kind of a hoytie toytie (did I spell that even remotely right?) shopping place near us in Paris. Killing time while the itty bitty apt was cleaned (how long can it take to clean 500sf???). So right after we get into the very crowded store, right next to Chanel and Louis Vuitton, I feel a tug on the leash and holy crap, P is pooping on the marble floors.

I quickly give her the look, and a quiet no no, and she stops, but not before dropping two smelly giant turds- this from the end that moves independently from the front, which is now spinning around to see if the poops are snack-worthy... I hustle the poopy bag out of my pocket and I am down to using the cheap ones that don't open easily when you are in a hurry.......figures, so I kind of scoop down over her and the poop and try to scoop and pick her up at the same time and really try not leave any skid marks on marble....

So far they have not kicked us out and it is very very crowded and everyone is pouring around us because of course it is in the middle of one of the main aisles and lunch I pick her up but she's coupled to lulu and I almost hang L by her harness, so I have to unhook it, pick up the poop, close the bag, handle wiggle butt who is trying to lick me to death all at the same time, and meantime I am trying to be invisible. At least no one has fallen over us yet and the guards have not found us. I find the quickest exit and scram and hope they didn't get us on video. L&P thought that was great fun. What an adventure. So now we are back "home" and they are little angels, snoozing like it was all in a day's work.

Fortunately, even if they caught it on video, my face was facing the floor......I was successful going back to the store without getting tossed out, but I think I will leave L&P at home in the itty bitty apartment from now on when I shop there . Apparently they have no regard for couture though they wear cashmere.

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