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Encore Presentation: Shoe Story Part Deux

And yet another chapter from the shoe story. Clever girl that I am, I checked to see if the shoe store had a website. Well, ok, someone slightly smarter than me suggested a website. And voila. I managed to not only score the shoes, but score them from a completely French website without having to deal with the store personnel, because we know how well that went.

I got a note back, actually two identical notes like the sender was making an exclamation point. The shoes they are "exhausted" in the size I requested. Oops, tired shoes? Too tired for delivery? Apparently.

Next, I send in an order for the next size down (umm, willingly thinking I can shorten my toes?). I get a note back saying those shoes were "done and exhausted" but they did have one perky pair left in this other size that they are sure would be good for me, never mind that we are now two sizes smaller than at the start. Well, sure. Why not. I needed to send a note to confirm, and I sent it in English. My note went something like this: Before I order these, can you tell me what size this corresponds to in American shoe sizes? - thank you.

And here you go - this is the note I got back.

"Madame, We received your mall and we thank you. We record your ordering of the model COLLA, Noir, in size 41 and half. You by wishing good reception in the next days, Sincere greetings service of Mail order trading"

My very perky, very small shoes are on the way. Seems they understand English the same way I understand French. I should send them a link to Alta vista Babel Fish translation.

For major effort on their part to make sure I get a perky pair of shoes rather than the exhausted ones, I rate their website a 10+. For translating my English note, I must give them another 10 for creativity.

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