Two little Boston Terrier girls bring their Momo & Mr.Momo to Paris for a long stay. These are the tales of their very fine adventures.


The Bridge, The Eiffel, The Night, and One Photo

L&P took the Metro to Place Concorde with Momo and Dad for some night time photos of Eiffel and the Paris lights on the bridge, Pont Alexander lll. It is a bit of hike to this bridge over the Seine and L&P are not very fond of the dark streets. They bore it well though, unlike Momo who not only does not like the dark very much, but prefers to have her Metro trains stop exactly where she wants to visit, rather than miles and miles away. Oh all right, blocks and blocks away.

The problem with night time photography is that in order to get L&P framed in the photo along with the bridge and the Seine and the Eiffel, no one else can be nearby. Oh, like le tourists with cameras who move into the frame and start shooting their own photos of L&P. Do they think L&P took themselves to the bridge and attached their own leashes to the posts using their girl scout knot knowledge? If that were true, then where would they keep their Metro cards? Perhaps in their trusty smooshy jowl-pouches? They certainly weren't wearing fanny packs. And I can tell you their tee shirts have no pockets. Did le tourists think to look behind their own rear ends to notice us standing there working with the L&P to get them to smile a bit for the camera. Nope. So 90% of our photos are adorned with other picture-taker's ass-ends. If we were able to collect just a single euro for each unauthorized photo of the L&P we would pay for this trip and send them to Harvard.

I can offer you this one single photo that somewhat worked, after I cropped out blackberry man who was consumed with photographing them so much so that he left once and came back for an encore and a recitation about a photographer in the UK who photographs street dogs, whatever that means. So if anyone spots published photos of two little BTs looking a little peevish wearing Jasper & Lenore striped tee shirts overlooking the Seine, please do let us know. We would at least like the royalties for their college fund.

L&P rate the city of lights night time view from Pont Alexander a good 5. It might have been higher had le tourists brought them treats, say croissants. Momo rated it a 4 because her feet hurt and it was, well, pretty dark for a city of lights.

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