Two little Boston Terrier girls bring their Momo & Mr.Momo to Paris for a long stay. These are the tales of their very fine adventures.


Cathedrale de Notre-Dame and the Doggie Stuff Store

On ile de la cite, Paris's birthplace sits this monster. Built way back before 1160 and finished in the 14th century, and left to ruin in the 19th century when animals were housed there - it is once again a giant block of unbelievable stone. And inside, if you look, the stonework up to about 12 inches is stained with brown from les animals living there. Here are a couple of pictures. It is huge and the photos do it no justice really. L&P once again were holding down the fort because Momo and Dad went to Notre-Dame for a concert which was only just so. The inside of the cathedral is massive and shaped like a cross. A very big one. No offense intended but it was just a little bit gothic for Momo. Dad was having fun laughing at Momo because she was more amused by the brown stains and wondering which animal made which stain, than the fact that we were in such an historic piece of Paris. Not a surprise that L&P would not be invited in to visit. Can you imagine how much they would enjoy the smells? Momo and Dad skipped the 386 steps to reach where Hunchback Hugo rang the bells in the tower.

It is also across the street from the main Police and Courts of old Paris. While Momo and Dad had a bite to eat they watched several people being moved back and forth from court to jail led in handcuffs. It all was pretty civil. One even wished us a good evening as he passed our Brasserie table. Only in Paris.

The walk back to the Metro took us over the Seine, this time on the Left Bank which made Dad very happy. And there, walking down the Seine, Momo spied the telltale store-front of a doggie stuff shop worthy of a big fat Woo Hoo. And of course it was closed - none of the stores stay open in the evenings in Paris. But there it stood, doggie dummies adorned with little sweaters, leashes, collars. bowls, beds, and toys of distinction! Yes. Momo was pleased. L&P, Momo and Dad will trek there this weekend to see the wares. And show L&P Notre-Dame of course. L&P will rate this excursion later on once they have investigated the shop and smelled Notre-Dame for themselves.

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Corinne said...

I knew you would find it Mom! The girls will be very happy with their newfound toys!