Two little Boston Terrier girls bring their Momo & Mr.Momo to Paris for a long stay. These are the tales of their very fine adventures.


Finding the Bottom of the Very Big Eiffel

It took almost two months, but once we (ok, Momo) figured out that the Metro lingo of Tour Eiffel, was not tour the Eiffel, but Eiffel Tower, we finally made it to the base of the very big thing.

We have photographed it from all over the city, but never from underneath and so close. L&P were totally unimpressed, but honestly, they never looked up. They were focused on the continuous sidewalk buffet which is riveting almost all day long. Momo and Dad almost never look up either because they have to anticipate where to walk that is least laden with crap, of all kinds. Looking up has its advantages - say, watching for very large flying bird poop, or looking at giant metal sculptures.

The first photo is L&P on the wall of the quay by the Seine very close to the looming tower. Actually it just looms close, but it is still far away, about one pastry's worth of calories I would think.

Next is a photo that we took at night from Trocadero just because we could.

The Tour Eiffel is one of Momo's favorites because it just sits there. You can walk away, far away, and turn around and it is still there. Why that amuses Momo is any one's guess, but it does. At the base of the Eiffel there is a nice park that gave L&P a little time with green grass, but watch out for the extra poop, glass, and other odd things, oh like gum dropped from the top of the Tour by a certain teenager who shall remain nameless (you know who you are- wink wink!). Even with the hazardous stuff, the Eiffel beats the Champs Elysees anytime.

If you come to Paris, here is where you need to go to enjoy Tour Eiffel. First thing to do is to get on the Metro, line 9 to Issy and go right past FDR to Trocadero. walk up from the underground to the plaza and don't turn around yet and don't look left. Walk past the buildings into the center of the plaza and stop and slowly turn around.


There you have your first breathtaking Eiffel moment that you will never forget. Of course you must ignore the hawkers selling junk and the other gawking tourists - seriously, ignore them. If you smile at the hawkers they will follow you everywhere. If it is a nice day and you are feeling ambitious, walk down to the fountains. Or not. We didn't our first time there. If you are in Paris for more than a couple of days, take your time. It is worth it to come back again and let the first images be alone in your head for a while. If you came during the day, be sure to come back after dark and vice-versa. On the hour at night, Tour Eiffel is a disco for about 10 minutes. They started that for the millennium and everyone likes it, except for Momo and other people who might be prone to, oh I don't know, seizures and migraines precipitated by giant flashing lights?

Again, L&P found the plaza to be magnificent because they could have a lunch break eating the leftover snacks strewn all over. There are giant openings in some of the stone work (yes, on purpose) and big enough to swallow a BT foot, so they had to maneuver around those carefully. They were adept at that right away. It was Momo who took a little more time not to panic about disappearing doggie toes. At Trocadero Dad took lots of L&P photos and so did the paparazzi. Do you think tourists have never seen dogs before?

The next place you must go are the bridges or ponts up and down the Seine and find your own favorite view of the Tour. There are many and it is worth a walk. Just take a Metro out to an area near a Pont on the far side of the Tour, like Pont Bir Hakeim on the number 6 I think and walk across the bridge and toward the Eiffel. It is a pretty walk and you can have at least two pastries for that effort. L&P did that walk and they had an ice cream cone. Neither of them are losing weight! They barely fit into the clothes they came with, the little piggies.

As you get closer cross the bridge back over to the tower across from the Trocadero plaza and you have arrived to view the Eiffel from underneath. The lines to get into the tower are hours long most times of the day. L&P are not fans of great heights (ok, Momo is not a fan of great heights) so skipping the ride up was ok with them. It was way more fun to have an ice cream. French ice cream is really custardy and very yummy.

One more place to go. Momo likes this place very much especially when there are few tourists there. It is a brasserie at the base of Pont Alma next to the Metro. If you sit just right you can view the Eiffel and the Seine. It is a nice spot to sit with your cafe and enjoy. They also make the best croque monsieur and have a very tasty fromage blanc with berries. Momo has been testing the croque monsieur all over Paris and she likes this one best. L&P like the jambon best.

Momo is sure there are other places to view Tour Eiffel, but after conferring with L&P these are still our favorites.

For our visits to the Eiffel, L&P say a big so what - for the trips to the grounds around the Eiffel, L&P rate it a big 10. Momo gives it a big 10 too. Not the ground, the places. And don't forget to get the croque monsieur.

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L&P, you are so lucky! Tour Eiffel looks fabulous. What fun! :)