Two little Boston Terrier girls bring their Momo & Mr.Momo to Paris for a long stay. These are the tales of their very fine adventures.


L&P like Chamonix Tres Bien

L&P did enjoy their very very long car ride. Next time Momo says we must take the train. We did get to Switzerland, briefly, but not to Italy at least not that we knew of. Who can tell when the road signs welcome you everywhere in lots of languages, and none of them English . We were lucky we made it Chamonix. Directions are merely guidelines here. The drive was similar to central NY state, central valley in CA, and then suddenly, Vermont on steroids.

Our hotel was a a fine place. It is a family owned, called Le Hameau Albert 1er. L&P enjoyed the restaurant and the hotel grounds which were very pretty and green. Momo and Mr. Momo enjoyed the change of pace too. There was even room enough for everyone in the bed, though L&P were hogs as usual. The view from our windows was stunning too. All over Chamonix the view was stunning. This is a compilation panoramic stitched picture from Aiguille du Midi that Mr. Momo took.

The very next morning Momo and Mr. Momo were scheduled to ride the gondola up about 8000ft to Aiguille du Midi but Momo wasn't sure she was going to be able to do it. It is a big gondola as gondolas go, holding almost an entire tour group of elderly Chinese, and us. What Mr. Momo forgot to mention to Momo is that once you are gondola-esque you have a chance to chicken out half way up because you have to CHANGE gondolas. Momo was ready to walk back down, but alas, there was no way to go but up. Straight up. Momo peeked, but barely. Mostly Momo was trying to breath since the air was a little bit thin. At the top, Mr. Momo dropped Momo off in the cafeteria which is one measly floor under the restaurant with table clothes. Momo could not make it up one more flight of stairs at 12,ooo plus feet - one's feet move like they are nailed to the ground.

Just because it is good trivia, the restaurant at the top of Aiguille du Midi is the highest one on the planet. Momo thought the cafeteria one measly flight down was good enough. Thankfully, L&P were cozy and sleeping back in the hotel room, which if Momo was a wiser person, would be choosing to be there instead of up here.

L&P have nothing to say about the Mount Blanc except they were curious about the white stuff. Mr. Momo rates it a big giant 10 and Momo has memory block.

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