Two little Boston Terrier girls bring their Momo & Mr.Momo to Paris for a long stay. These are the tales of their very fine adventures.


Do Lulu and Phoebe Remember Paris?

Why yes. They do. Momo talks about Paris almost every day, reminding the young L&P of their adventures.

It doesn't hurt that she and Mr. Momo make fromage blanc frequently and share with L&P. That and a true croissant would make anyone swoon with happiness, and that would include our little L&P.

In order to get a true croissant, or a pain au chocolat, one of us must zip to France and bring some back. However, the last transatlantic croissant was more like a croissant-crush. A million flaky pieces. But no matter. L&P like small flakes of anything tasty.

Treats from Paris are a highlight. It is still hard to find decent pastry and cheeses here. It is also hard to bring them back on a flight that is about 14 hours too long. Chocolate does best, and poor little macaroons do not do well at all. If the croissant was a flaky mess, the macaroons were a gooey composite of what once was perfection. That was very sad. But the part that was most disturbing? Apparently crossing so many time lines confused the heck out them, cause by the time they got here, they were barely 15 hours old, but they tasted like they were six days old, even in their ooey-gooey state. Humm, perhaps they added too many time zones to their fresh-by date??? Oh well. You can't go wrong with a big box of treats from La Maison du Chocolat!

Since little P spent her young months in Paris, she has some of the French language imprinted on her tiny little itty bitty brain. She responds much more quickly to "assis" than she does to "sit", um, or sat. She knows "avec" rather than "with" and "merde" holds a special place in her heart. Not many dogs I know poop on command to "merde".

L would prefer Paris again because she has perfected the aloof stare and the peevish facial tic. I think she would do splendidly in Paris again. She mastered the attitude perfectly.

And food still remains high on the list of things all things Paris. Jambon is still a huge favorite of both L&P, and they don't seem to mind the Amercian Jambon (can I even say that?!) but I do detect a slight indication that they seem to know it is not Parisian ham. Or even better, Spanish ham. When we bake our favorite quiche, a reminder of the best of them we tasted in Paris, two little faces will be watching us carefully looking for their taste which comes when we are done. We are pleased to say that our quiche gets a big high ten from both L&P.

The only true way to know if they remember France is to take them there. If they begin to sniff the air like crazy dogs after we exit CDG, then you know they know they feel like they are home again. Or perhaps the men in green have yet to clean the merde de chien that day.....

Next up. The Monoprix. It deserves its very own post. Nous aimons le monoprix!

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